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Watch Movie - Basic (2003)

Synopsis :

A helicopter circles over the Panamanian jungle. On board is a team of Army Ranger trainees and their commander, Sergeant Nathan West (Samuel L. Jackson). Their objective is to move through the jungle while a hurricane rages above, use live fire to hit pop-up metal targets, then rendezvous at a small bunker.

Seventeen hours later, a Ranger later identified as Ray Dunbar emerges from the jungle carrying one of his wounded comrades, Levi Kendall, on his back. We then see another soldier walk out of the jungle and shoot at Dunbar. This soldier, later identified as Meuller, is killed in self-defense by Dunbar. Apparently, the mission has gone horribly wrong. The rest of the team, and West, are presumed dead.

At the base interrogation room, Captain Julia Osborne (Connie Nielsen) makes little headway with Dunbar, who refuses to talk. Dunbar is given a pad of paper and pen and he writes that he will only speak to a fellow Ranger, someone from outside the base, and draws a mysterious "8" on the piece of paper. Noticeably spooked upon seeing the 8, base commander Bill Styles (Timothy Daly) calls in an experienced interrogator and friend, Tom Hardy (John Travolta). Hardy is an ex-Ranger and current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Agent who is presently under investigation for bribery. We also find out that Hardy served under West when he was a Ranger. Hardy and Osborne, initially wary of each other, are forced to work together during the 6 hours they are given before the CID transportation from Washington will arrive to take Dunbar and Kendall away to initiate an investigation. Styles wants the investigation kept quiet.

Starring :

John Travolta ... Hardy
Connie Nielsen ... Osborne
Samuel L. Jackson ... West
Tim Daly ... Styles
Giovanni Ribisi ... Kendall
Brian Van Holt ... Dunbar
Taye Diggs ... Pike
Dash Mihok ... Mueller
Cristián de la Fuente ... Castro
Roselyn Sanchez ... Nunez
Harry Connick Jr. ... Vilmer
Georgia Hausserman ... Pilot
Margaret Travolta ... Nurse #1
Dena Johnston ... Nurse #2
Nick Loren ... Helicopter Pilot

Director :

John McTiernan

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