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Why are we actresses linked with Ram Gopal Varma, I don't know: Priyanka Kothari

Why are we actresses linked with Ram Gopal Varma, I don`t know: Priyanka KothariBy Vicky

"I don't know how to make headlines", is what the petite actress tells us when we ask her of her staying as a recluse. So we decided to bring her out one more time. She was Ram Gopal Varma's new find in Sarkar. But it was James that made her Ramu's hottest commodity.

Priyanka Kothari has her fingers in her long black hair, and as she tosses her head this way and that, she runs her hands slowly down her face and onto her neck. She greets me with a sigh of relief. "Finally we meet, after a long one year wait", she said. As star-is-born moments go, Priyanka's was a doozy.

Audiences might have walked in to see yet another Ramu classic but the folks walked out talking about her and how. Off screen, she's graced numerous newspaper and magazine pages in come-hither poses, unleashing the kinds of provocative quotes that give publicists cardiac infarctions. Not that it's shutting her up now.

When Devansh Patel met with the femme fatale at her Andheri residence last week, she said, "I love posing on the rocks with sexy attire. That has always been my fascination and will remain."

Surprisingly, dressed from top to bottom in her dark blue denims and white shirt with a black sleeveless jacket, she looked completely incomplete. Now that shut us up!

RGV and his actresses
"Ramu will not cast his actors for any reason. He is the reason himself that actors work with him. Having said that, he also allows you to be free in order to bring out the true you. Sometimes, you won't even come to know about your true potential till you see Ramu capture it all on screen.

According to me, if you show Ram Gopal Varma the passion to work, your interest and your commitment, he will definitely cast you in his films. But that need not apply only to his actresses.

The media always talks about Urmila Matondkar, Antra Mali and me but they won't talk about Amitabh Bachchan, Rajpal Yadav, his cameraman Amit Roy or his music composer Amar Mohile. They too have stuck around with him for a long time now. Why are we actresses linked more with Ram Gopal Varma, I don't know."

"Agyaat is all about imagination and believe me when I say this, I am a kind of person who gets sh** scared very easily. In real life, I am petrified of every little thing. Agyaat is a very realistic film.

RGV gave me a script and a few scenes to enact before we went to Sri Lanka. But the moment we reached the jungles of Sri Lanka, there was no script because he wanted to capture the real characters.

Agyaat isn't just a horror film. It's an emotional film too with the psyche of behaviour. I remember him recalling, "Once you enter the jungles, there will be no make up, no nice hair style, no film star and only one dress."

RGV's new find - Nitin
"Nitin is in the film for his raw appeal and being real. He is full of energy and filled with energy. You will see that not only in his acting but in the two songs which I've done with him titled 'Khoobsurat' and 'Kiss Mix'.

He has done many Telegu films down South and is a damn good dancer. He taught me some good dance steps and some diet tips on what to eat and what not to during the filming of our songs."

Jungles of Sri Lanka
"We were not staying in any five star hotels while filming Agyaat in Sri Lanka. We were put up just near the outskirts of the jungle in a small hotel. Monkeys would snatch food from our hand, six to seven lizards were common in my room, frogs and snakes would enter. They were not Agyaat to us.

I used to scream on top of voice but it was more of a rehearsal in terms of preparing for my role for Agyaat. It couldn't have got real than this."


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