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Obama inauguration: Bush prepares for life as an ex-president

Obama inauguration: Bush prepares for life as an ex-president WASHINGTON: At 12.01pm, special agent Donald White will take a few small steps that will mark a giant leap for his country. The U.S. secret service officer will move away from George Bush, whom he has been shadowing, and stand behind President Obama, marking the transition of his protection to a new presidency.

Then the by now former president Bush will return to the White House, and with his family take off in Marine One from the south lawn for the last time. The helicopter will take them to Andrews air force base where they will be joined by Dick Cheney and his family, and a select group of friends.

Finally, the Bushes will fly in Air Force One - though it will not be called that because the name applies only when it is ferrying the serving president - to Midland, Texas; and thence to a new home in a suburb of Dallas, and a new life.

Leaving the White House after eight years in residence will be a poignant moment for George and Laura Bush. At least they will be spared the callously quick handover of British prime ministers, with the humiliating exchange of removal vans on the day after the election.

The Bushes have had time to prepare for leaving, and most of their boxes of books and clothes have already departed for Texas. The only piece of furniture said to be going with them is a chest of drawers belonging to George Bush's grandmother, a contrast from 19th-century presidents who used to take everything with them.

Most of the staff of the West Wing will also have disappeared by now. Bush administration staff have handed in their security passes, Blackberries and cell phones and coded lapel pins. Only the chief of staff, Josh Bolten, and a couple of other senior officials we remain on duty in case of emergencies until the passing of the baton at noon.

For a couple of hours, the White House itself will be empty of all but its permanent domestic staff. William Seale, a White House historian, recalls being in the building at that time. "It's a wonderfully still time, with no political people around. Everything is waiting."

Then after lunch the Obamas will arrive. Their removal trucks will precede them, lining up on the south drive from morning. The first black first family will enter the White House through the North Portico, and a new era will begin.


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